Darla's Story

When Darla, a large Great Dane, came to Adoptadane Rescue Queensland, nearly her entire body was bleeding and covered in seemingly open sores. Everyone thought it was neglect, but the truth was even worse.

Darla was only 2yrs old when she was brought to Adoptadane Rescue Queensland. She was suffering from a common, highly treatable skin condition called demodectic mange, which had covered a large percentage of her body. 

In what looked like a severe case of neglect, was actually unfounded. Darla's previous owners loved her very much, this was not a case of neglect, more misdiagnoses from the vets she had attended. In fact, Darla's family had gone to multiple vets for a second opinion. Unable to get the right diagnosis and treatment, Darla's health worsened.

Eventually, veterinarians told her family that she would need to be "put down." Loving her too much, they reached out to Adoptadane for help. Feeling responsible and guilty for her condition, they relinquished her to the rescue asking them to save her.

They did. For 6 months, Darla went without proper treatment, her health deteriorating. Within 2 months of treatment of salves, baths, medications, Darla had fully recovered and was adoptable.

In fact, soon after she was deemed healthy, she was adopted by Terri who loved her until Darla's recent passing in late 2016.

Belinda DeLuca