From Homeless To Hero - Roy

When Marion was asked to drive to Warwick to break a homeless dog out of the Warwick pound, she did not expect what unfolded ahead of her.

Marion, on request from Adoptadane, drove all the way to Warwick to rescue a young homeless Great Dane from the pound. At just over 12 months old Roy was handed over to us.

A foster carer had been arranged, so Marion headed off on the 3 hours plus round trip to collect him. "I went and collected him, only to be standing in front of closed doors at foster carer's door when I went to drop him off". Adoptadane were short on carers, it's a tough job caring for large breeds, neglected, abused and frightened. Bringing them back to health in order to find them their happy ever after homes is no mean feat.

After taking Roy for a walk in the park, still no sign of carers returning so Marion took him home. "I had nowhere else to take him as we were short on carers. So I was "forced" to take him home. ... Roy had his own ideas though".

"His manners were impeccable. I have sprung several dogs from pounds and usually, they are so eager to get out of jail that they more or less drag you out of there and drag you off your feet. Not Roy... he was calm, didn't bark, didn't pull on leash, kept step with me, stood patiently next to me as i opened trailer for him".

When Marion arrived at home, Roy remained diligently by her side, right up close not daring to let her out of his sight. "Like an old soul. I fell in love with him on Day 1 ... I am pretty sure that feeling is returned".

For many years Marion had kept adopting dogs from Adoptadane that no one wanted - old dogs - sick dogs - and in one instance a fear aggressive dog who really needed a very quiet home, as his only alternative was to be PTS.

"To have Roy come into my life as a young and healthy dog is a dream come true".

We feel certain Roy was sent to Marion for a purpose, he is her hero and best friend and at Adoptadane we feel absolutely certain that the two were just meant to be together. They will enjoy lots of quality time together for a very long time.

In just over a month, Marion has given Roy as much purpose as he has given her.

"Oh ... he had his very first beach walk and loved all dogs and people... little pups big pups, longhaired shorthaired.... he looooved them all".