Sampe Pack - Loobani XXL - Dog Paw Protectors

Sampe Pack - Loobani XXL - Dog Paw Protectors


Great Chance to try out these dog paw protectors

  • protects from hot bitumen when walking

  • protects when walking over rocks and other rough surfaces

  • prevents slipping on tiles and wooden floors

Sample pack contains 4x adhesive paw protectors.

Product Info from supplier’s website:

  • LOOBANI Dog Paw Protection
    Does Your Dog Slip And Slide On Your Hardwood Or Tile Floors?
    In general, you'd let your friends wear special shoes, sock or other items to increase the traction. But we also know so many dogs don't like wear shoes or socks especially in the hot summer.So we produced this product to meet our friends requirements. Keeping the paws of your doggie clean, safe and comfortable all year all weather.

    Our Advantages Comparing With The Similar Products:
    More traction: The thick rubber spots increase the friction and grip
    No discomfort: Most dogs refuse to wear booties or socks. But these pads don't bother your furry friends
    Excellent extensibility: These rugs are soft and extensible to fit the paws, you don't have to cut them to fit
    Easy to use: No liquid glue and No mess; Just paste the sticker on the bottom of the paws

Assorted Colours - please indicate colour choice and we will send if available.

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